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Active vs Inactive Vitamins

There is a lot of emphasis that active vitamins are better than non-active vitamins but there are some arguments that most people or practitioners never take into account.

1) The activated phosphates are some of the weakest bonds (breakable) and can be easily cleaved in the rigorous process of absorption / stomach acid etc.. so what you are likely left with is a lot of that lower potency active form.

2) Your body has mechanisms to recycle the non-active forms into the active forms, oftentimes these are helped with other cofactors - these are most instrumental processes in actually getting the "active" vitamin to exist where it needs to be. Do you really think your active B2 is making it across the body into your brain cell where it may be needed? More likely you get the non-active form there and use your body's mechanisms to generate the active form.

3) The active forms, if they reach their destination, will go to work quickly and can leave you with short highs followed by lows. In the case of b6 pyridoxal 5 phosphate it can even cause neurotransmitter swings.

Having both active and non-active forms are crucial. Active forms can be helpful to assist various enzymes and cycles immediately while the non-active forms are necessary for recycling and conversions that take place inside the cell.

At Researched Elements we designed Spectrum Max to have all the forms in specific ratios to allow for supporting the body at every point. Spectrum max provides a broad-balanced multivitamin which includes the core components of every form in optimal ratios, minerals, mitochondrial supports, adrenal supports, urea cycle / NOS cycle, and Neurotransmitter supports. Lastly, if you have a hard time getting your child or loved one to swallow pills, our great tasting powder mixes well, is easy to take, and made from the cleanest sources!

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