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Lab address for International customers

International customers (outside UK), should return samples directly to the lab.

Laboratory Address:
Jin Liang Li
Laragen, Inc
10601 Virginia Ave
Culver City
CA 90232

How to complete a CN22 customs form

CN22 are customs forms, used when sending goods internationally. The forms are scanned by optical character recognition, so it is important to fill them in legibly, with as much information as you can, to avoid delays in your items being received. There are two different CN22 labels that have the same content. Here we describe the form used with Royal Mail International services, but the form is similar for other countries.

  1. This means that customs officials can open the item if they need to inspect the contents
  2. Write your name and address in block capitals
  3. Content. Tick “Other”.
  4. Enter the following:
    EXEMPT Non-biological sample in preservative solution in plastic leak-proof tube placed in sealed plastic bag with absorbent sheet, nested in rigid secondary container.
  5. This is the total gross weight, including packaging. Enter 0.1 kg. Enter £1 (or equivalent in local currency) for value. This is the value of the test kit and not the lab services.
  6. N/A
  7. N/A
  8. Signing here confirms that you as the sender are liable for the item, that the information you’ve provided is correct and that you are not sending anything dangerous.
  9. The registration marks in the corners help the optical character recognition to align the form.

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