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Research Projects
Competitive all-inclusive pricing

Research kits start from £60 per sample. Minimum order 100 kits.


Have the flexibility to completely outsource your research projects or only specific tasks depending on your needs.

Study Design & Participant Recruitment
  • Participant recruitment
  • Study and questionnaires design
  • Data collection interface development
Sample Collection Kits & Return Logistics
  • Sample collection kits & return packaging
  • Collection kit distribution (available in UK, EU, USA and Canada)
  • Sample return prepaid postage to lab (Available in UK & USA)
Lab Workflows
  • DNA extraction
  • Library prep & 16s rRNA V4 sequencing
  • Taxonomic Analysis
  • Cohort Analysis
Participant Perks

Participants benefits from viewing their test results, interpretation and personalized recommendations on the Biomesight web and mobile app

Example Packaged offerings:

Microbiome-based Product validation studies

  • Suitable for prebiotics and probiotics - analyze results before and after interventions, including symptom tracking
  • Research results can be accessed through the portal and made available to the general public and potential resellers
  • Biomesight customers can be matched to show how well they are likely to respond to the product*
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