Gut Health Benefits

Over the last few years, in excess of $1.7 billion was spent on gut microbiome research. We've tapped into numerous research publications to bring you the latest science-backed findings.

  • Support immune system
  • More restorative sleep
  • Improved vitamin synthesis
  • Renewed energy & longevity
  • Hormonal Balance

Actionable Next Steps

We provide individualised and easy to follow recommendations, all based on natural interventions.

  • Personalized Food Recommendations
  • Prebiotic Supplements
  • Lifestyle adjustments

We are hard at work adding the following sections. All samples will benefit from features added at a later stage.

  • Digestion
  • Autoimmune triggers
Biomesight analyzes your gut microbiome and provides gut health scores to improve with personalized food and prebiotic recommendations - unique to your current microbiome makeup.
  • Probiotic, pathobiont and commensal bacteria reports
  • Short Chain Fatty Acid Producers (Butyrate, Acetate, Propionate)
  • Toxin and Neurotransmitter Producers
  • Detoxification Enzymes
  • Vitamin Synthesis
  • Lactose & Oxalate Intolerance
  • Personalized Food & Prebiotic Supplement Recommendations
  • 2 to 4 week turnaround

The Science

The Biomesight microbiome test provides a snapshot of the gut microbiome utilizing 16S rRNA sequencing technology. You will receive a count and relative abundance percentage of the bacteria in your microbiome, ranging from Phylum down to the species level. 16s DNA sequencing allows us to sequence a specific region (v4) of the 16s gene, and to match these sequences to our curated bacterial database. Using this method we are able to provide relative abundances of all bacterial organisms in your sample rather than targeting just a small subset of bacteria.

We provide an interpretation using Dr Jason Hawrelak's (Probiotic Advisor) recommended ranges for a subset of key bacteria (Probiotics, Commensals and Pathobionts) along with our scoring system, diversity calculation and personalized recommendations for food, prebiotic supplements and lifestyle adjustments based on up-to-date research findings.

We provide full raw FASTQ data and CSV file downloads for those interested in analyzing their results elsewhere or working with a practitioner.

Advanced Users

Biomesight is the only gut microbiome analysis platform with support for FASTQ uploads from multiple labs. Users have full, free access to our platform. This service is also available to research projects for bulk uploads.

  • Compare sample data side by side at any level
  • Upload FASTQ data from other labs, such as uBiome, ThryveInside, Psomagen & Olawell
  • Compare samples across labs and track your progress
  • Download FASTQ and CSV data
  • View species level data

How it works

1. Order Collection Kit or upload results from another lab
2. Collect & Post sample
3. Analyze sample
4. View results on our web app
5. Selectively nourish your microbiome
6. Repeat to track progress (If needed)
DISCLAIMER This service has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or other healthcare authorities. Our platform and related products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Ranges apply to over 18s only.