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AMA with Dr Carly Polland

AMA with Dr. Carly Polland - Episode 1

This is part 1 of a 2-part series where Dr. Carly Polland, clinical lead at Biomesight, answers questions from Biomesight users.

In this episode, Dr Carly answers these questions:

1. If the patient is severely inflamed and dealing with diarrhea, is it better to do a Biomesight test or a GIMap test?

2. Do you see any particular trends from the Biomesight test, with people that have M.E/CFS?

3. Could the higher level of LPS and other inflammation observed in Long Covid patients be passing through a compromised gut barrier and causing microclots (as were discovered in Long Covid and ME/CFS patients). And could healing your gut barrier and gut inflammation levels therefore plausibly help to block this source of clotting?

4. What would be a good diet for someone having treatment for Non-tuberculosis Mycobacterium?

5. Do you think PANS/PANDAS is caused by SIBO or other gut issues?  Why is there sometimes massively high strep titres but no positive throat culture?

6. What are your thoughts on doctor sid baker's published case studies on sporonox as an antifungal, specifically anti aspergillus medication, leading to complete resolution of autism? Similarly, case studies of treatment of lyme disease and co infection in the youth have been reported to resolve autism presentations. Any thoughts on those two?

7. Can you improve your microbiome and gut health, if you have had your colon removed. I currently just have 10 cms left.

8. Is there a biome pattern related to the ubiquitin proteasome?  I’m interested in maximizing handling of misfolded proteins.

9. I would like to know more about how amino acids from meat are converted to SCFAs in the gut.
Is there a broad spectrum prebiotic that someone who has insulin resistance might take to get the benefit of dietary fiber without the  carbs?

10. How can you observe changes in ATP production from a stool sample?,  

11. What can you tell about mitochondrial function from a stool sample?

12. Please discuss anti-LPS antibodies.

13. Can you please speak to the role of parasites in ill health, particularly ME/CFS and long covid?

14.  My question is that when I take probiotics it makes my symptoms (not just gut eyes, joints, bladder, mouth etc) worse. Why would this be? Is it an immune system issue or a SIBO issue or the wrong probiotic. I also find it very hard to tolerate prebiotics too. I know you can’t be specific without seeing my results and history but its so frustrating as I have so many food restrictions and symptoms and it severely affects my quality of life.

15. What probiotic is on the open market that can help with idiopathic kidney disease?

16. Why do we have a low amount of doctors in the US that are studying microbiome? 

17. The last 10 years I've been suffering from IBS (with no pain) and histamine intolerance. How can this test help me with this? Do you also test the DAO enzymes, or histamine? How about the fodmaps enzymes? How about specifying the histamine producing or degrading bacteria or the fodmap degrading bacteria? My main symptoms are bloating and gas, stuffed nose ( blocked nostrils, hard to breathe), tiredness, lack of motivation and energy. I've been doing the low fodmap diet and low histamine , and then reintroducing some foods, tried many natural supplements, probiotics and prebiotics among 5 HMO's, butyrate etc... can addressing the microbiome heal IBS and histamine intolerance? I've seen people suffering a whole life cuz of IBS and some were born with IBS.

18. Through which specific mechanisms might gut dysbiosis cause gastroparesis, or intestinal dysmotility? 

19. Could overgrowths of Bacteroides spp. and E. coli cause gastroparesis? How can one address this with very limited gut motility?

A big thank you to everyone that contributed questions.  If we haven't answered your question yet, please look out for the next episode where the rest of the questions are addressed.

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