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AMA with Dr. Carly Polland - Episode 2

This is part 2 of a 2-part series where Dr. Carly Polland, clinical lead at Biomesight, answers questions from Biomesight users.

In this episode, Dr Carly answers these questions:

1.    How does choline bitartrate (as a supplement) affect the gut microbiota? 
2.    How much 'healthy' oil, such as olive oil and flaxseed oil, in the diet is acceptable for one to remain in a state of eubiosis? 
3.    Can you speak about the optimal Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio? I have read conflicting information about which should be higher, or if they should be equal percentages. Related to this - what percentage of bacteria should ideally be butyrate producing bacteria?
4.    Is it correct that longterm use of l. reuteri 17938 create longstanding changes in the microbiome and/or influence the level of firmicutes, as some studies show?
5.    What is the best way to raise low oxalate-degrading bacteria? to include foods and supplements. 
6.    Could a build up of oxalates cause migraine and headaches
7.    Just curious if I am having die off symptoms. Signs to look out for…. How do I know the protocol is working etc.
8.    Is there any known impact of having no gallbladder (due to removal) on the microbiome? And are there any suggestions how one may support your microbiome with this absence? I ask because I have noticed many differences with my system since gallbladder removal and I understand this is quite a common occurrence.
9.    I would love to hear her thoughts on how the menopause affects the microbiome and gut health generally. I know there are estrogen receptors in the gut and that hormone replacement therapy has been shown in studies to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer so it appears that sex hormones play quite an important role in gut function and health. I'd love to know more about this. I'm a few years into the menopause and have been struggling with IBS symptoms, dysbiosis and a leaky gut, all of which have been very difficult to treat regardless of my diet and use of anti-inflammatory supplements, prebiotics and probiotics. I'm contemplating doing a trial of hormone replacement therapy to see if these issues, along with my more typical menopause-related symptoms, improve. I've been doing twice yearly microbiome sampling through Biomesight and a couple of other companies since 2019 and I plan to continue doing this so it will be interesting to see if HRT changes anything. I am hopeful!
10.    In my hundreds of microbiome tests over the years, my gut has always indicated way higher Akkermansia than anybody else I’ve seen. What does that mean
11.    Hi Do you have more information about Structural: pelvic floor dysfunction, outlet dysfunction ? And where can I read about different types of pelvic floor dysfunction who can give constipation?

We hope that you have found this session helpful. A big thank you to everyone that contributed questions!

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