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Podcast with Dr. Nicola Antonucci

Biomesight Podcast Episode 2: The Microbiome & Autism with Dr. Nicola Antonucci

In today's episode, Dr Carly Polland, ND discuss the microbiome and autism spectrum disorder with Dr. Nicola Antonucci. Since October, 2006, when his daughter was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Dr. Nicola Antonucci started studying and working with biomedical treatments of autism spectrum disorder using the knowledge of autism research.

He is director of the Biomedical Center for Autism Research and Treatment in Italy where he meets Italian and international patients coming from more than 30 different countries around the world. In his biomedical center, he's working exclusively with children affected by neurodevelopmental disorders. In 2010, he founded a research group to study molecular and cellular changes in autism spectrum disorder. This group is conducting several research trials in collaboration with different international universities and researchers in Europe and the United States, and has already published several works in international peer reviewed journals in the field of autism. 

Dr Antonucci's website

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