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Biomesight Podcast Episode 3: The Microbiome & Autism with Ahmed Dewedar

In today's episode, Dr Carly Polland, ND discuss the microbiome and autism spectrum disorder with Ahmed Dewedar. Ahmed Dewedar is a clinical pharmacist and functional medicine practitioner with a deep understanding of pharmacology and the interplay between the immune system, gut health and nutrition. With two master's degree in biotechnology and experimental medicine, our guest has a unique perspective on autism and a toolbox of professional capabilities to help families dealing with this multifactorial. 

As a father of an autistic child himself, Ahmed understands the challenges that families face and is passionate about helping his clients achieve success in treating autism with a commitment to evidence-based medicine and complimentary therapies, he works closely with his clients to identify the root causes of their child's condition and develop personalized treatment plans. 

Ahmed's Biomesight Profile

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