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How the gut microbiota affects our sleep

One of the most important factors in achieving optimal wellness is without a doubt regularly getting adequate sleep. This is why we have decided to make sleep the topic of our first machine learning model! Now that the Biomesight dataset has reached an adequate size, we will be adding our first AI-driven section to Biomesight. It will be a simple model - looking to find the biggest predictors of sleep quality within our microbial communities. We'll incorporate existing research as we've done in our other sections but we'd be looking to get any strong correlations confirmed from our own data set as well as find any new patterns.

I would therefore like to request all our users to take a minute to complete their lifestyle profiles. We have 3 questions relating to sleep, so this is a special appeal to complete the last 3 questions - screenshot below. Anything further - especially the rest of the questions in the lifestyle section below would be invaluable.

In the meantime, happy sleeping and please check back in a few weeks to see your data in our new sleep section.

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