Introducing the Biomesight Practitioner Program

We launched our practitioner program a few weeks ago and we are pleased to see our users actively sharing their data with their practitioners. We would also like to encourage our users to complete their health profiles with as much information as possible. While we don't expect our practitioners to rely solely on information entered into biomesight, this data is used as metadata for the biomesight database. As our dataset expands, we plan to build machine learning (data driven models) that incorporate this data and hopefully lead to greater insights into how our gut microbiomes affect aspects of our health.

The practitioner view is very similar to that of a normal user, with the addition of a user selector, which is available on relevant views.

Other than data sharing of both the health profile and sample results, our users can now also directly view profiles of practitioners able to assist in developing a personalized treatment plan. We intend to enable ratings and reviews at a later stage. Bookings within the system are introductions only and not confirmed bookings. 

In the next few weeks we will release new functionality enabling practitioners to create users, register kits and administer profiles. As our metadata increases (e.g. symptoms, treatments, etc) we will enable filtering on relevant views to allow for deeper analysis and comparisons.

Another benefit of joining the program, is the ability to stock kits in the practitioner's practice without needing to pay upfront for the kits. Biomesight has fast, local fulfillment in the UK and USA so this is not so relevant for practitioners based in these countries but for anyone in Europe, Canada or Asia this can save significant courier fees for shipping kits out and also reduces the time lag to getting the results back.

If you are a practitioner, undecided about registering with us, bear in mind that our practitioner program is free of charge and listings can be de-activated at any time. It only takes a few minutes to create a profile. Practitioner accounts are subject to approval and relevant qualifications and expertise in the gut microbiome is needed. It is not necessary to have trained specifically under Dr Jason Hawrelak.

Please reach out to if you have any questions prior to joining us.

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