Research studies - Subsidised Kits
Skin Auto Immune Conditions

Our study has a specific focus on Alopecia and Vitiligo, but those with Psoriasis, Rosacea or other autoimmune skin conditions are also welcome to get in touch.

Read our blog on this study here. Also feel free to login with our demo account and explore this dataset in Biomesight.

Long-term Covid-19

We are also running a long-term covid-19 study, analysing the results in partnership with Ken Lassesen from MicrobiomePrescription. If you join the study, we will automatically share your results with our research partner. No other information will be shared. Data will be anonymised such that no personal information like name or email address will be shared.

Note that this study is a follow-up from our earlier sponsored study and study participation/data sharing terms are different.


Take Part in our studies

Our gut health kits are available at a subsidised price of £50 (RRP £149) and available to individuals with these conditions as well as organisations!

Organisations will also get complementary access to our Cohort Analyser to perform analysis on the samples.

If you'd like to participate, please send us an email outlining how you fit our criteria to

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