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Practical Considerations For Microbiome Intervention in ASD & Common Modes of Metabolic Dysfunction - By Alex Zaharakis with Contributions By Dr. Christian Bogner

I was recently asked to write a guide on how to approach dysbiosis in autism. You might get frustrated with the amount of prelude before I actually get to the part that most people will be interested in, nevertheless I feel it is entirely important. There have been over 160 ASD individuals that have directly participated in gut balancing with myself for which I have filled out surveys from the users, and likely three times that amount indirectly through other practitioners that I have trained or provide my software to or PDF reports. I possess my own analysis pipeline for examining fastQ 16s files and ITS fungal sequences; however, I seldom employ them due to the realization that ultimately they yield limited additional information that you can clinically act on or would change the clinical approach beyond the csv data provided by Biomesight used by my software. I strongly believe that the 16s technology available through Biomesight along with a sensible broad program is sufficient to change the narrative and intervene in some of the most stubborn and complex dysbiosis, I think it is currently the best, feasible and most affordable way to intervene.

I would like to mention that as a conflict of interest I’m a founder of Researched Elements LLC and Thiogenics LLC along with Dr. Christian Bogner, who is an excellent physician that I collaborate extensively with. We have had countless late nights of collaboration where exchanging information has led to new discoveries and therapeutics. Our products from these parent companies are designed to provide both biome and metabolic solutions in a feasible, practical, and affordable way so that regaining health is something that is and doesn't require an understanding of quantum mechanics or the wealth of a nation to attain. I do believe tackling the issues from an external discipline is always invaluable and I’m blessed to have crossed different paths in my career, as a quantitative analyst, physics and engineering professor, radiation oncology physicist, and microbiome researcher, the last of which is driven by nothing stronger than the desire to help my own child and then others. Both Dr. Bogner and myself strongly believe that having skin in the game plays an integral part in finding solutions that are feasible and practical. 

This article has been split into smaller articles to make the content more accessible:

Part 1 - Foundational Statements that guide my approach

Part 2 - Core concerns & common support modes in ASD

Part 3 - Broad guide for Intervention in Dysbiosis

Part 4 - Urea/Nitric Oxide cycle disturbances

Part 5 - Prevotella copri overgrowths

Part 6 - Active vs non-active vitamins

Despite all that I have compiled here, there is actually quite a bit more but this at least is a good core that can hopefully lead you or your patients to some nice improvements. What I have attempted to put together is a primer on the components that I have found important and helpful for the individuals that have worked with me. Many of those parents have shared their messages, some in audio, and those that have filled out surveys on gut balancing.

Youtube Audio Messages from some Individuals Participating in Gut Balancing

Message Snippets from those participating in Gut Balancing

Survey responses anonymized from those completing a round of Gut Balancing in ASD

Survey responses anonymized from those completing a round of Gut Balancing in (non-ASD)

Please always take any suggestions with a grain of salt, do your research, ask questions, demand answers, and determine what is best for you or your family.  At the very least I may have caused some controversy in the statements I have formed here, I beg you to reflect on them rather than write them off. It's through argument, discussion and exchange of ideas that we push the needle forward. 

I want to thank my wife and two children James and Isabel, and specifically James for everything that I have learned from his life events and situation. James doesn’t realize it, but his healing has been paramount in the healing of hundreds of other children, I could not have learned these connections without him and he has given me a unique purpose, just like the hundreds of other parents before me that have led the way in the realm of biomedical intervention for ASD. I would like to thank the hundreds of parents that have participated and helped to further my understanding. I would also like to thank Dr. Christian Bogner for his dedication, help, and collaboration. He spends his evenings hunting for answers and is never prepared to stop making connections to help out his patients. We are all on the journey to find the way home!








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